Adrian Matejka


Matejka challenges notions of propriety, as if breaking silence on long-held family secrets. . . . A smart and engaging debut.”
Black Issues Book Review

“Adrian Matejka’s garden breeds a formidable range of voices and explorations, all in one groove, both sensual and evocative of the borders of identity where hoodoo turns to music.”
— Crab Orchard Review

“Using jazz and blues rhythms with telling allusions to Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, and Billie Holiday, Matejka fashions a powerful autobiography in verse….Highly recommended for all larger collections.”
Library Journal

“Matejka’s first book attempts to contain not only the multitudes, but what his culture wants to convince him are the contradictions he embodies. Freewheeling lyric improvisations and straight-ahead narratives forge a space in language where opposites co-exist.”
Black Issues Book Review